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  • computer-yelling

How often should you be posting messages on your Facebook page?

It is funny, but true. Marketers have the weirdest preconceived ideas about the Facebook posting frequency. This article asks and answers the 5 most important questions for deciding on your frequency of posting to Facebook and other social media networks.

Let me start by asking some simple, but important questions about frequency of your posts and […]

  • EADIM people

European Academy of Direct & Interactive Marketing #4 – a treat!

Nothing pleases a speaker / trainer more than repetition. And I am particularly fond of coming back to take part in EADIM (European Academy of Direct & Interactive Marketing). My fourth year there was no exception.

Drayton Bird’s EADIM took place for the fourth time this year. After the inaugural event in Brussels, the academy has […]

  • twitter spam in jail

This is what a Twitter spammer looks like

Now that most corporations are dealing very efficiently with email spam, social media spam is next. Here is a quick look into what professional spam in social media platform Twitter looks like.

Today I was doing some routine work in one of my social media campaign management tools where I stumbled upon around 15 Tweets. What […]

  • portugal historic

Tourism marketing: Is this the best Portugal can do?

The quality of tourism marketing often angers me. This article tells you why I got upset about how Portugal tries to attract tourists through an advertisement in the UK version of National Geographic.

So it was around 4:15 am on Saturday morning at the Cavendish Hotel in London. I was there to speak at EADIM (about how […]

  • Drayton Bird digital and direct marketer

Drayton Bird blog and talk with Michael Leander

Drayton Bird talks to Michael Leander
  • facebook marketing webinar michael leander

Presentation from highly rated Facebook Marketing Webinar

Get Michael Leander's slide deck from the Facebook marketing webinar
  • cavendish hotel marketing picture

Three mistakes hotel marketers make when displaying their product

Michael Leander shares his viewpoint about marketing of hotel and hospitality properties.
  • Copywriting for email marketing and direct mail 10 most powerful words

The top 10 most powerful words in the English language: Improve your copywriting

The top 10 list of English words to use in your copywriting. Yale University did a study.
  • email marketing day 2011

Email Marketing Day Presentations

Michael Leander's presentations from the Markedu web seminar: Email Marketing Day @Your Desk.
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