Monthly Archives: December 2011

3 Voices Strategy Revealed for the First Time: Video with Jonathan Winch

Jonathan Winch is the co-author of The Death of Propaganda - a new book particularly relevant for B2B marketers. In this interview with Michael Leander he reveals what the 3 Voices Strategy is all about and why it is important. Stay tuned for more information about the 3 Voices Strategy framework - subscribe to thje [...]

IOETI E-Marketing & E-Tourism Conference in Cairo – slides, pictures and comments

The IOETI E-Marketing & E-Tourism Conference took place in Cairo on 18-19 December. Michael Leander's presentation slides are below along with pictures and comments. Fantastic conference for e-marketing and e-tourism and the customer experience industry that serves tourists and travelers. IOETI did a great job of attracting important representatives from the tourism industry in Egypt. [...]

AdWords dilettanter i Danmark konverterer dårligt: marketing penge er spildt

Annoncering ved brug af Google Adwords er en flerstrenget process, hvis du vil have effekt og value for money. Det har mange danske virksomheder ikke forstået. Værst er at reklamebureauer, der bruger Adwords, ikke ser ud til at være egnede til at rådgive kunder. Artiklen her er motiveret af en Google søgning jeg foretog idag. [...]

Zero Moment of Truth – a change in consumer and business buyer behavior

Today we're all digital explorers, seeking out online ratings, social media-based peer reviews, videos, and in-depth product details as we move down the path to purchase. Marketing has evolved and modern marketing strategies have to evolve with the changing shape of shopping. Google has written a fine whitepaper on what they call ZMOT - Zero [...]