Monthly Archives: January 2012

Loyalty marketing: This airport gets it right – finally !

Are you one of those whom think that internet in airport should be free and easily accessible? I know I am - and for other reasons that you would think. Now finally an airport gets the offering right and ties it in with a loyalty programme. As a frequent traveler I am quite keen on [...]

The state of marketing in Iran – Iran Tour Series

Michael Leander spent a week in Teheran where he spoke at two conferences. This is another entry in the Iran Tour Series where Michael Leander shares some of his Iranian experiences On one of the days off, Michael Leander went for a walk with fellow speaker Jacques de Villiers. Jacques is from South Africa and [...]

John Boghossian talks to Michael Leander in Teheran – Iran Tour Series

John Boghossian is an Iranian marketing expert, trainer and consultant. The author of several best selling marketing books in Farsi, he is one of a handful of marketers who shape the future of marketing in Iran. During my one week trip to Teheran, I was lucky to sit down and have a talk with John [...]