Marketing studies

  • State of Email Marketing 2016

Email Marketing Survey and Report 2016

New email marketing study reveals interesting numbers.

  • b2b marketing videos

B2B marketing videos doesn’t have to be boring

B2B marketing videos are often technical and boring. But they don't have to be. These examples from AkzoNobel proves that B2B marketers too can create compelling and engaging videos.  At a speaking engagement with AkzoNobel, I learned about the videos you are about to see. All three are great examples of what B2B marketers can do with [...]

  • naked marketing book

Naked marketing interview with Christian Andersen

Naked Marketing book interview with the author

  • Marketing magazine

The GMA Talkback Magazine with marketing stories you can use

The GMA Talkback Marketing Magazine is out. Read the latest issue from the Global Marketing Alliance

3 videos and 3 experts on social media, mobile marketing and cookies

3 marketing experts talk about mobile marketing, cookies and social media

  • real estate marketing campaign fails

Failed real estate developer email marketing conversion flow and how to fix it

What can you learn from a really bad real estate property marketing stunt ?

  • mobile marketing case studies for marketers

11 mobile marketing campaign case studies for your inspiration

11 mobile marketing case studies for your inspiration with a few words of advise

Awesome tourism destination marketing: New Zealand shows tourist marketers how it is done !

Michael Leander talks about New Zealand destination marketing campaign

  • Online advertising: Alain Heureux talks to Michael Leander

Internet advertising and mobile advertising interview with IAB Europe’s President Alain Heureux

Michael Leander interviews IAB Europe president Alain Heureux about online advertising

  • racist advertisement vintage black and white

I was outraged: Racist vintage advertisement you never thought would see the light of print

In my quest to learn more about the history of advertisement, this time I bring you some shocking examples of vintage advertisements with a racism in advertising theme. I never thought that studying the history of advertising, marketing and promotion would shock me. But when I first saw these racist advertisements, I was literally shocked. [...]

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