Marketing studies

  • naked marketing book

Naked marketing interview with Christian Andersen

Naked Marketing book interview with the author
  • Marketing magazine

The GMA Talkback Magazine with marketing stories you can use

The GMA Talkback Marketing Magazine is out. Read the latest issue from the Global Marketing Alliance

3 videos and 3 experts on social media, mobile marketing and cookies

3 marketing experts talk about mobile marketing, cookies and social media
  • real estate marketing campaign fails

Failed real estate developer email marketing conversion flow and how to fix it

What can you learn from a really bad real estate property marketing stunt ?
  • mobile marketing case studies for marketers

11 mobile marketing campaign case studies for your inspiration

11 mobile marketing case studies for your inspiration with a few words of advise

Awesome tourism destination marketing: New Zealand shows tourist marketers how it is done !

Michael Leander talks about New Zealand destination marketing campaign
  • Online advertising: Alain Heureux talks to Michael Leander

Internet advertising and mobile advertising interview with IAB Europe’s President Alain Heureux

Michael Leander interviews IAB Europe president Alain Heureux about online advertising
  • racist advertisement vintage black and white

I was outraged: Racist vintage advertisement you never thought would see the light of print

In my quest to learn more about the history of advertisement, this time I bring you some shocking examples of vintage advertisements with a racism in advertising theme.

I never thought that studying the history of advertising, marketing and promotion would shock me. But when I first saw these racist advertisements, I was literally shocked.

Get […]

  • ramadan egypt advertising

Viral advertising campaigns / TV ads in Egypt during Ramadan 2012

Insights to viral advertising campaigns from the Egyptian market
  • Response rates for direct marketing comparisons

Which is the most effective marketing instrument? A look at response rates vs. cost per order or cost per lead

It is impossible to count the number of times I have overheard smart marketing agency type people or cool client side marketing people discuss response rates.

Or the number of times I have overheard email marketers talk about how cheap email marketing is compared to, for example, direct mail.

I always wonder why marketers don’t talk about […]

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