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  • Michael Leander Loyalty Speaker

Loyalty – it is not what you think

Have conversations about customer loyalty taken a wrong turn?

  • marketing trends predictions

Marketing trends 2016 – forget expert predictions and do this instead

A look at marketing trends for the coming year. Keyword: focus on your marketing foundation

  • Marketing automation guide

Marketing automation guide: Getting started

Marketing automation guide: quick start to get your thought processes going

  • Proven rules for digital marketing

5 proven ways to make the most of any new idea or campaign

Make the most of any idea. See these 5 proven digital marketing and marketing asset tips.

  • Michael Leander Award winning speaker

Awards: I was about to leave, but I stayed and became the first Knight of the DMAI

Michael Leander was honored as the first Knight of the DMAI. See pictures and more

  • customer retention tips

CMO Talk: How to increase customer retention and how to improve data driven marketing through profiling

Marketing objectives and how profiling impacts data driven marketing is the topic of this CMO Talk. Go watch it....

  • Michael Leander CMO Talks

CMO Talk: Drive objectives and fix the marketing foundation for better results

Common CMO challenges and the marketing foundation is the topic of this interview for CMO's

  • Michael Leander

Personalization gets results with little effort

Are you personalizing your communication? See why you should get started now

  • preference test ba and va

Web test: British Airways vs. Virgin Atlantic who has the best first class product page?

Designing a compelling product page is a critical part of converting visitors to buy. In this web test I looked at how well product pages for first class flights from British Airways and Virgin Atlantic compared. If you don't have time to read now - go here to get the 360 Degree Dialogue Brief for [...]

  • airport copenhagen edit

Loyalty marketing: This airport gets it right – finally !

Are you one of those whom think that internet in airport should be free and easily accessible? I know I am - and for other reasons that you would think. Now finally an airport gets the offering right and ties it in with a loyalty programme. As a frequent traveler I am quite keen on [...]

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