Video interviews

  • Salesmanago CEO

Marketing automation interview with Greg Blazewicz from SalesManago

Marketing automation spotlight: Greg from SalesManago

  • dormant customers

Programmatic advertising: how to engage dormant customers

How to win back dormant customers. Interview with Lothar Krause, Sociomantic.

  • loyalty rewards programme

Loyalty marketing and loyalty rewards programme trends

Rajesh Garg from Landmark Group discusses loyalty rewards trends in retail.

  • retail marketing

Retail marketing trends: Personalized customer experiences from webrooming to showrooming

Retail marketing trends: a conversation about delivering personalized customer experiences in real time

  • retail-marketing-trends-insights

Retail marketing trends: insight from retail growth expert Jesper Carvalho Andersen

Retail marketing trends and insights in this talk with Jesper Carvalho Andersen

  • naked marketing book

Naked marketing interview with Christian Andersen

Naked Marketing book interview with the author

  • Email marketing tips Jeffrey Rohrs

Email marketing tips from 4 leading email marketing experts

Email marketing tips from leading email marketing experts. Quick to view.

  • Reveal based marketing Robert Haydock

Reveal Based Marketing – get free guide and lookbook

Learn what reveal based marketing is about. See this interview with Robert Haydock

  • Screenshot 2014-11-06 18.37.04

Marketing influencer Bob Hayes on TCE – Total Customer Experience

Meet customer feedback programs and customer experience measurement expert Bob Hayes, ph.d.

  • Michael Leander marketing automation speaker

Marketing automation talk with Calvin Ayre’s Rebecca Liggero

Marketing automation talk with Michael Leander interviewed by Rebecca Ribeiro at iGaming Supershow

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