Michael Leander speaking at Internet Marketing Conference in Iran

Tehran, Iran: Michael Leander speaking at Internet Marketing Strategies Conference

Michael Leander will be appearing at three events in Iran including the IMS – Internet Marketing Strategies Conference in Tehran on 4-5 January 2012. Michael Leander will be speaking about topics related to digital / internet marketing.

Tehran Iran photoOrganized by Bank Seminar the marketing conferences in Iran features seven to eight carefully chosen international speakers. The agenda is all about internet marketing strategies, see it here. The events will be attended by top Iranian business executives and marketers.

Michael Leander will be presenting topics related to digital / interactive marketing. If you want to stay tuned to get the report of Michael Leander’s experiences in Iran – Go here to get The Mind-Box to stay updated

Speakers at the IMS – Internet Marketing Strategies include; Jacob Hagemann of Searcus and Professor Dr. Ahmad Roosta. Two speakers from South Africa, namely Jacques de Villiers and Eric Vermeulen along with Iranian speakers John Boghossian and Mosoud Mohammadi.

Huge market with higher than expected internet penetration
Says Michael Leander “When Mr. Tabar from Bank Seminar contacted me and asked me if I would be available to speak at their events in Iran, I was immediately excited. After researching a bit to learn how the current standing of the use of internet is in Iran, I was – honestly – pleasantly surprised. I learned that the internet penetration in Iran is nearly 50%. That means that more than 36 million people have access to the internet. That makes Iran the largest market in the Middle East by far. In comparison the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “only” has 11,4 million internet users.

michael leander speaking at internet marketing strategies confernce in Iran

“Getting to spend nearly one week in Iran is exciting. And I am looking very much forward to meeting Iranian business executives and marketers. If the schedule allows me to see some of the awesome historic sites in Iran, I will be more than pleased.

You can learn more about Bank Seminar in Iran here

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