Upcoming Events

Keynote speaker DialogSummit in Frankfurt, Germany

The DialogSummit is an amazing email and data driven marketing conference taking place in Frankfurt. It features many of the leading experts from all over Europe. With English and German language tracks.  I am super happy to be one of the speakers for the third year in a row. It is well organized and the quality [...]

Data driven marketing masterclass in Frankfurt, Germany

On May 2, 2016 my ACE - data driven marketing masterclass will take place in Frankfurt, Germany. The masterclass focus on ACE - automation, content marketing and email marketing. The aim is to show attendees how to improve integration between the three elements. Download the brochure with more information here (opens PDF in new window) Learn [...]

Speaker in Lisbon: Email & Data Driven Marketing Conference

I will be presenting at the Email & Data Driven Marketing Conference in Lisbon. The conference features a host of experienced expert speakers. They will cover areas related to email marketing and data driven marketing strategies and tactics. More information about this event here

Email Success Summit speaker

The Email Success Summit is an online event featuring over 40 email marketing experts. Taking place over the course of 9 days from 13 March to 23 March, over 40 email marketing experts will reveal how to generate leads, convert leads and profit from email marketing. Speakers include copywriter Perry Marshall (top copywriter), Daniel Levis (copywriter [...]

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