• Demographics Twitter followers where do Twitter followers live

Things you can do to better understand whom your Twitter followers really are

Understanding exactly whom your Twitter followers are can help you get better Twitter results

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Creating a culture of experimentation is a critical success enabler for social media

For years I have been talking about how "Failure is a huge part of your success" and the importance of creating a culture of experimentation. Now a North American study conducted by Booz & Company with Buddy Media confirms that North American marketers "gets it". 88% says that creating a culture for experimentation is a [...]

  • recognizable sounds according to Lindstrøm

The 10 most recognizable sounds in the world (USA)

Branding of sound. Which are the most recognizable sounds ?

  • liminal report razorfish engagement elements

The six customer engagement elements: Download free report from Razorfish

Learn new engagement components. Download the six engagement elements report for free

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