erik vermeulen and michael leander

What is behavioral economics? Interview with Erik Vermeulen, global behavioral economics expert

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Behavioral economics is an interesting discipline. Michael Leander met up with global behavioral economics expert Erik Vermeulen and asked him a few questions. Watch the video to learn more about this highly relevant topic.

Erik Vermeulen is a South African speaker, marketing expet and consultant. He helps businesses understand how behavior drives profit. He calls himself a global behavioral economics expert. See this interview to understand more about this topic.

If you want to see Erik Vermeulen’s stunning pictures and learn more about his activities, hook up with him on his Facebook page here.

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  • Charles Duckitt

    Please learn what behavioural economy is before you continue talking absolute rubish and embarrassing our country.

    • Michael Leander

      Hello Charles,

      Thank you for your comment. I will forward this to Erik Vermeulen for him to reply to you directly.

      Best regards

      Michael Leander

  • Erik Vermeulen

    Hi Charles,

    I’d be very happy to connect with you offline to discuss your concern about my views on Behavioural Economics and how those views and case studies reflect negatively on South Africa.

    It’s far more appropriate than sledging on a public forum.

    You are more than welcome to get in touch with me through the contact pages on my website.

    Kindest regards,