10 marketing lessons from Apple. Explained in this quick to read, easy to understand Infographic created by The Website Group

Marketing Lessons from Apple

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Yeah! I know. Marketing folks like to talk about Apple. Constantly.
I’ve never been impressed with their “direct marketing”, which is substandard and often completely off when it comes to segmentation, content and offer differentiation, and conversion-flow.  No marketing lessons there.

But there is no denying that Apple is in a league of their own. One of the most successful businesses of all time. The comeback of Steve Jobs and the subsequent enormous success, adds the drama and emotional connect to their story. (Did you know, most people easily connect emotionally with underdog and comeback stories?)

In my opinion, the most interesting marketing lesson from Apple is how they created a movement. Something that is extremely difficult to do for a business.

Think about it. Think about how extremely reluctant iPhone users are to shift to another brand. Think about the millions of evangelists using an Apple computer. Apple has touched their customers in so many ways, with so many “firsts”, with so many innovations. As a result, they have created an unbelievably loyal customer base – a strong tribe.

Marketers have a way of referring to tribes regularly. As if it is something easily created. It ain’t! And won’t ever be. Creating a tribe like Apple’s is incredibly difficult.

The Infographic “10 marketing lessons from Apple”.

This Infographic explains the 10 – of many – components that made Apple successful. As mentioned previously, the Infographic was created by Ellie Summers from The Website Group. Enjoy! (Want more like this? Get The MindBox Newsletter – its free!)

Courtesy of: The Website Group