mobile marketing to people on the move

Mobile marketers need to think about usage scenarios

Mobile marketing is not new. For years those with mobile marketing related products and services to sell have been calling mobile marketing the next big thing.

Now the opportunities represented in the mobile – or MOBILITY – channels are significant and represent real opportunities for the outside-looking-in-thinking marketer. In this article you will find links to 11 mobile marketing case studies from around the globe.
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Before you dive into the 11 mobile marketing case studies below, keep in mind that the biggest barrier to effective mobile marketing is to get an active consent from your target audience. And that is where many marketers struggle. In particular those in countries where data privacy/protection legislation is in place.

In my email marketing and mobile marketing presentations, I talk about different tactics to get a permanent or temporary permission. For mobile marketing the key is for you to communicate clearly what type of permission your audience is granting you. Once you have permission, the mobile marketing world is your Oyster, so to speak.

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In many markets mobile marketers are simply buying access to telco subscriber numbers in order to – pardon me – spam their often irrelevant messages to tens of thousands of people. In my opinion an ineffective method that would potentially hurt the reputation of the sender.

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Use commonsense when you plan, develop and execute your mobile marketing initiate. And start by asking the question;

“How do I get permission to broadcast mobile marketing messages to my target audience?”

Mobile marketing website and mobile usage scenriousToday, mobile marketing is more than simply pushing text messages to a large group of people. Finding ways to engage your audience through mobile marketing services (mobile banking is a good example of that), leverage opportunities in mobile applications and identifying ways for consumers to respond to your messaging through f.ex. QR codes are some of the mobile marketing opportunities available to you today.

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If you intend to engage your audience through mobile apps or mobile services of any kind, it is imperative that you answer this question;

“How do I get people to engage with my mobile app or mobile service to reach critical mass fast and cost effective”

While it is relatively easy to conceptualize and build a smartphone or tablet based mobile application, experience shows that it is difficult to get an audience to interact. And even more challenging to get a prospect or a customer to become a habitual user of your mobile app or mobile service. Do not underestimate this part of the mobile marketing equation.

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The mobile marketing case studies below represent different ways of engaging an audience through mobile. Hopefully one or more of them can inspire you to know how your brand can engage your audience through the mobile marketing channel. If you want to learn more about the location based advertising case study CircleTie did with McDonalds, contact me here

11 mobile marketing case studies

  1. Crocs use questions and coupons to engage their mobile audience
  2. BigCity Burrito use direct mail and drives response through text and short code
  3. Adidas drives consumers to flagship store and gets 35% response
  4. Location based advertising proves highly efficient for multiple brands in the US
  5. Vodacom South Africa changes customer experience from negative to positive
  6. BudLight’s the world largest pool party mobile marketing campaign
  7. SMS case study for fishing equipment with paperless coupon
  8. Virgin mobile advertising media campaign targeted iPhone users
  9. Newport Beach multichannel mobile marketing campaign
  10. Retailer tests mobile advertising and experience high CTR
  11. A collection of some 10 websites optimized for mobile visitors

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Remember that the mobile media needs to be addressed from both a “push” and “pull” perspective. The latter involves making sure that your web-properties are easy to navigate and interact with for mobile users/visitors.

If you are interested in understanding the numbers driving the need for mobile engagement, check this stat covering smartphone penetration in percentage of new devices for Europe and Eastern Europe