At the excellent IAB Bulgaria Mobile Marketing Seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria (kindly sponsored by Mtel), I talked to about mobile marketing tips. Watch the video to see what I said.

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In this short interview, I touched upon the following suggestions for increased success.

Here are the 7 tips mobile marketing tips and tips for digital marketing success;

  1. The boss people are driven by fear of making mistakes (related to marketing innovation)
    • Traditional marketing managers Marketing management often avoid venturing into new areas or try new methods of marketing as this often involves risk, and sometimes high risk.
    • It is important that marketing managers are open to innovation and find ways to tap into new opportunities and learn how these new opportunities can help the brand.


2. Create a culture of experimentation in your marketing department

  • marketing experimentation gets you resultsFailure is a big part of success. Marketing is not an exact science. And no expert in the world can tell you exactly what you need to do to succeed. Hence you need to experiment. Sometimes you fail, but that’s ok as long as you learn from the experience and use that learning as you move forward.



3. Measure the effect of your marketing activities

  • marketing metrics focus is key to achieving ROMIObviously it is important to measure all of your marketing activities. It is surprising how few actually does that. Start by identifying your end goals, then set your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and find an easy and straight forward way of tracking your results. Once that system is in place, make sure you take time to look at your data and act on what you see.


4. Focus on the experience of your audience

  • audience experience plays a huge role in your ability to engage an individual buyer and convert that person to buy for the first time. The for existing customers. Your marketing and branding efforts is a big part of the experience. Make sure your audience gets a good-to-great experience from A to Z.



5. Content is becoming a big part of the advertising efforts

  • marketing requires value adding contentContent means adding value to your audience. Adding value can involve many things, but very often it is simply about understanding which problems your audience have, and helping them solve them. Use value adding content as a way of engaging with your audience, build trust and convert to purchase when all their questions have been answered.


6 .Understand the individual in your audience, their needs and how you best serve each individual

  • personas are individuals with different and unique needs at different timesThis is a tough one as it involves profiling of each individual person in your target audience. But it is well worth the effort. It is proven again and again that highly targeted communication outperforms “spray and pray” communication by multiples of 5, 10, 15. Find out how you can learn more about your audience, store this information in your marketing database and leverage what you know in all customer touchpoints.

7. In online and mobile advertising pay for actions, not exposure

  • eyeballs is nothing, action is everythingMost of the time paying for exposure (CPM) is a bad idea, but paying for the actions you want – for example clicks (CPC) – is a much better way. In some markets media owners offer to pay for leads (CPL) or even pr. order (CPO), which naturally is the best solution for those industries where that is applicable.

The marketing function is truly challenged. The “game” is changing, and it is changing fast. To get to the top and stay there, you need to adapt a new approach to your marketing strategies.

Bonus: If you are were brought up to believe that digital and mobile marketing is all that matters, be careful! Marketing always has been – and always will be – a play of reaching buyers where they are. And it is highly likely that more than 25% of your audience are still heavily engaged in what you want to call old media.

In short, “old media” – commonly perceived as less sexy – is still very important. Direct mail still delivers over the top results when you do it right. As does certain types of advertising in traditional media, outdoor, radio, TV and so on.

Your job is to reach your audience where they are. Your job is NOT to jump on the newest latest fad just because you think it is cool or because of the hype associated with it. Your marketing job is very much about priorities and learning how you deliver the results you are expected to generate.

Remember that more than 95% of businesses have failed to deliver tangible results through their social media marketing activities.

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