arturs mednis from inspired digital gives 3 social media marketing tipsLatvian digital marketing expert and social media marketing guru Arturs Mednis took time out to talk to me in conjunction with the Password 2012 marketing conference in Riga, Latvia. In the video he shares 3 important tips to social media marketing success.

OK, here is whazzup; I meet a lot of people each year. And I meet a lot of self-proclaimed marketing experts. In particular social media marketing experts. But the sad news is that most of them really don’t know much. But Latvian social media marketing guru Arturs Mednis does. Like me he is someone who feels strongly about efficiency and Return on Marketing Investment. And proves it every day of the year.

So when I was in Riga to give a keynote presentation at the popular Password 2012 / Best Internet marketing conference there (pictures here), I used the opportunity to get Arturs Mednis on camera to share 3 important social media marketing tips with us.

Check the video and get some good insights and social media marketing tips from the man who runs Inspired Digital – Latvia’s most successful social media marketing agency. He his more than 30 colleagues are experts at achieving great social media marketing results on behalf of their clients.

Watch the video below (or on the top)

Arturs mentions several quite important social media marketing tips including;

  • Measure and monitor your social media marketing results
  • The 365 day social media marketing cycle
  • Content and why content is a major driver for success

If you want to learn more about Arturs Mednis, follow him on Twitter here. You can also visit Inspired Digital’s website here.

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