During the Password 2012 Marketing Conference in Riga, Latvia, Arturs Mednis of Inspired Latvia talked to three experts and filmed the talk with his iPhone. Listen to the videos to get inspiration about social media, mobile marketing and cookies.

Video 1: Arturs Mednis talks to Michael Leander about social media

In the video Michael Leander talks about;

  • How to find your uniqueness to standout in social media
  • The important of measuring the sales- and marketing funnel
  • What consumers and business buyers are looking for
  • What he thinks of the Latvian audience
  • What he thinks about Samsung Latvia’s Facebook presence

Video 2: Arturs Mednis talks to Alain Heraux about cookies (EU e-privacy directive)

In the video you will hear IAB President Alain Heraux talk about the work the association does in terms of protecting the interests of the digital advertising industry. Alain also mentions the importance of self-regulation related to data privacy issues.

Video 3: Arturs Mednis talks to Rob Thurner about mobile marketing

In the video Rob Thurner talks about marketing campaigns for different user experiences and multiple devices. Rob gives some very helpful insights concerning the difference in user experiences across different devices, and also touches upon consumer behavior.