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Original title: 5 Conselhos, por Michael Leander, para tornar a sua campanha de mkt digital mais eficaz

Introduction: We asked Michael Leander, award winning speaker and internationally recognized as an authority on multichannel marketing to shares his thoughts about digital marketing in Portugal.

Article translation: A lot of Portuguese marketers have adapted more or less strange misconceptions about digital marketing.

Michael Leander interviewTo some it is the salvation to all problems. These are typically younger people whom have little or no experience managing campaigns in non digital media and channels.

To others it is a nuisance which they tend to shy away from as they aren’t sure how to handle this “new” wild beast. They seem to focus on risk, not opportunities. These are typically people with a long background in traditional non-digital marketing & communications.

Human reactions are predictable – also when it comes to digital marketing

From a human perspective both reactions are neither shocking nor weird. They are perfectly normal.

The old saying “if all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail” very much applies. But it is important for both types of marketers – and all those in-between – to approach any new opportunity in marketing and communications with an open mind. Because reality is that the best marketers, the best brands, understand it is really not about what you as a marketer understand and take preference for. It is all about how your customers behave, which channels your customers utilize and when.

Sadly most marketers do not get that. They are victims of inside out thinking. Something that can be costly for any brand if that kind of behavior is not divorced in favor of an outside in kind of thinking.

Digital marketing is just a channel – nothing else. But it is a channel most brands should pay attention to
When it comes to digital marketing, there is good news for everybody. Because digital marketing is just a channel among others. Nothing else. Just as social networks, social media, mobile marketing etc. are simply channels. These channels are becoming important in Portugal. As broadband and mobile internet penetration increase, more and more Portuguese people of all ages acquire a smart phone and take full advantage of what the internet has to offer.

Digital is here to stay. The question is if your brand is going to embrace the opportunities offered by this new channel. If you do, here are 5 things to consider when you are planning a digital marketing campaign;

1) Digital first, offline second

Most successful digital marketing campaigns are born digital and later adapted for so-called offline. The reason is that digital is much more interactive in nature and hence can offer your brand new opportunities for compelling engagement of your target audience.

So – design your next campaign for digital first, offline second

2) Plan your campaign to leverage earned media first, paid media second.

If you have something interesting to offer, there is a chance that seeding your campaign in earned media (f.ex. your social network community such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube – or your blog) will get you what everyone is hoping for; people to share it with contacts and communities!

The trick is to wait and see what seeding in earned media brings you before you enter paid media (f.ex. advertising on this website or other online properties).

A great example is the SmartWater campaign called “Jennifer Aniston’s Sex Tape”. It was seeded on YouTube and earned millions of views without any mediaspend whatsoever. See the video here

3) Engage and interact

The nature of digital is that it allows for great interaction, longer engagement. So think about how you can leverage your campaign to initiate engagement. Think about how you can get your audience to proactively participate.

People love participation. Not just to win prizes – but in general if it is interesting, they will take part.

There are a number of senses that are exceptionally good to get people involved. One is MYSTIQUE, another is LUST. So think about how you can use these sense for great engagement.

4) The devil is in the detail – testing is required

Marketers with 5-15 years of digital marketing experience can run decently well performing campaigns without paying attention to the little details, and without testing. But most people can’t. The success of most digital marketing campaigns relies on your ability to pay attention to the small details of your campaign. In particular those details related to transition between each step of the campaign.

Moreover, regardless of your experience you should always be testing your campaigns. Even simple A/B split testing can save you lots of Euros and help you achieve even better results.

PS: If your agency don’t understand the value of testing, my advice is: find another agency that does. Because it means they are willingly and knowingly wasting your money on guesswork, gut feeling and – the most popular of them all – creative hunches.

5) Measure everything and then improve, but remember Albert Einstein’s words

Digital marketing campaigns are highly measurable You can measure almost everything. And it happens live. In real time you can follow the results of your campaigns. Whether you are conducting email marketing, banner advertising or activating an audience in social media.

Make sure you find a good system for measurement, and make sure you spend time deciding which numbers matters most for your campaign. Albert Einstein said “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.“

In digital marketing the value of measurement is that when you see something isn’t working, you can stop the campaign, make the necessary changes and then launch again. All of this can literally be done in hours.

Your journey in digital marketing is decided first and foremost on your mindset and the mindset of your agencies and consultants. And an open mind to change is where it all starts.

I wish you all the best of luck.

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