A new seminar exclusively about call to action techniques

A new seminar/workshop topic almost ready. Titled “How to make call to action work for you” , I am really excited about this one

So why would anyone spend 3 or 6 hours learning about call to actions?

Answer is simple: Because if you do not get your call to actions right, the rest doesn’t matter. And most marketers – for whatever reason – seem to pay little or no attention to the call to actions as part of the conversion flow.

Some time ago I did quite a few presentations about “how to create an effective web presence”. But alas only a fraction of those 1 or 2 day seminars dealt with call to actions. And only a small proportion covered what I like to refer to as “The Walk in the Park”.

So when I was discussing a workshop with a corporation only a few days ago, I came to realize that this topic area deserves focus. I am going to offer this content as either a 3 hour webinar format or a 6 hour seminar/workshop format and will publish on these pages as soon as the description is finalized.

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About the Author:

Michael Leander is an award winning international speaker, trainer, consultant and board member. He speaks about topics related to marketing automation, email marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, direct marketing, CRM and loyalty marketing. A consistently highly rated keynote speaker, marketing workshop trainer and panelist, he has shared his knowledge in more than 40 countries. Practicing what he preaches, Michael Leander also shares his knowledge and ideas on his blog and in all of the most popular social channels. Michael Leander hails from the Kingdom of Denmark.