A new seminar/workshop topic almost ready. Titled “How to make call to action work for you” , I am really excited about this one

So why would anyone spend 3 or 6 hours learning about call to actions?

Answer is simple: Because if you do not get your call to actions right, the rest doesn’t matter. And most marketers – for whatever reason – seem to pay little or no attention to the call to actions as part of the conversion flow.

Some time ago I did quite a few presentations about “how to create an effective web presence”. But alas only a fraction of those 1 or 2 day seminars dealt with call to actions. And only a small proportion covered what I like to refer to as “The Walk in the Park”.

So when I was discussing a workshop with a corporation only a few days ago, I came to realize that this topic area deserves focus. I am going to offer this content as either a 3 hour webinar format or a 6 hour seminar/workshop format and will publish on these pages as soon as the description is finalized.

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