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85% of all advertising is invisible because it is so badly done.

14% of all advertising is extremely poor — either unattractive, stupid, patronising, demeaning. (Ironically, that’s better than being invisible, because at least it might get your attention.)

Andy Owen

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The remaining 1% is terrific advertising.

And we are supposed to know what we are doing!

It scares the bloody life out of me to be honest. The amount of money that is wasted every day is just frightening…

The above figures are not percentages to be proud of, are they?

Just imagine the same odds in other professions:
•  99% of the expertise of airline pilots was badly done or poor – more planes would crash than arrive at their destinations safely.
• 99% of all plumbers work was badly done or poor – we would return to find our properties under water
* 99% of all shoes were badly done or poor – there would be a lot of crippled people in the world.

Here’s my humble attempt at trying to make things better.

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Let’s go to first base and try to understand how the process works…

Advert that stands out There are 4 main reasons why people will notice and respond to your advertising & marketing messages…

1. The product has some particular relevance and attraction to them

2. The product is inherently different

3. The promotional message is unusual

4. It is a message they keep on seeing

Incidentally, these are not mutually exclusive, but promotions tend to work best when all four of these factors are at work simultaneously ­the advertisement has relevance for you personally, it’s unusual and different and you seem to keep on seeing it.

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Let’s look at one of these elements in a little more detail:

Advertising tips: Relevance & Attraction

Just imagine you are walking down a busy high street, with hundreds of people around. Every single one of them is unnoticed by you.

You haven’t made a conscious decision to ignore them. It’s just the way it is.

You won’t remember the great majority of them 30 seconds ­ let alone 30 minutes or 30 days later.

A few of the people you pass, only a small minority, will have an effect on you.

You notice them and perhaps you might remember them for a little while, or even longer. In very rare cases, that memory might last weeks ­ even months.

Why is it you notice some and not others? Well, there could be a number of reasons:

• People who are unusual because of their looks
• People who are funny
• People who are aggressive
• People who are dressed very individually
• People who draw attention to themselves because of what they are doing

It could be, of course, that you only notice them because something about them has a particular relevance for you, personally, perhaps reminding you of someone you know or resembling someone famous.

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Having said all that, there is a prime occasion when you will pick out a face in the crowd…

…when it is a particular face you are looking for.

How many times have you been looking for someone in a crowd and you can’t spot that person no matter how hard you look? You seem to see everyone else but them…

What is happening in reality is your eyes are quickly scanning all the faces in the crowd until your brain makes the connection it is looking for.

The exact same thing happens with people’s reactions to advertisements and promotional material.

Every day we are exposed to thousands of advertisements but almost all of them pass unnoticed. Why?

advertising tips mercedes ad

Advertising for Mercedes Benz – AMG

Simple. Kid’s stuff
An advertisement will not stimulate sales if it is not read.

An advertisement will not be read if the relevance or attraction to the reader is not clearly stated in the headline.
An advertisement will not be read if the first line of copy does not attract the reader to read the second line of copy and the third and fourth and so on.

An advertisement will not stimulate sales if it is not read.

In addition, an advertisement will not be read if it is not seen. And, it will not be seen unless it ‘demands’ attention.

Daniel Starch knew this when he wrote, all those years ago…

“The attention­ value of an advertisement is approximately twice as important as the actual convincingness of the test itself.”

The great George Lois had a wonderfully simplistic view:

“Advertising isn’t brain surgery. People live and think in broad strokes. Ask some guy in a mall about cars. He’ll tell you Volvos are safe, Porsches are fast, and Jeeps are rugged.

Boom. Where’s the rocket science here? There isn’t any.

You want people who feel X about your product to feel Y. That’s about it. We’re talking one adjective here. Most of the time, we’re talking about going into the customer’s brain and tacking one adjective onto a client’s brand.

That’s all. De Walt tools are tough. Apple Computers are easy to use”

Steven Spielberg is probably the greatest film director that has ever lived. He said many years ago that he preferred movie ideas that could be summed up in a sentence.

“Lost alien befriends lonely boy to get home.”

Really it’s all about keeping it simple. If you feel you have three important things to say to your audience, don’t say it in one ad. You will confuse your audience and a confused audience will not buy.

You need three ads. You might not like to hear that, but it’s true. If you don’t believe me, test it. Then you will…

Okay, now to some of the advertising tips I promised you:

The 10 Elements That Are Essential For A Successful Ad

Remember. All the elements of an ad are primarily designed to do one thing. To get the reader to read the first line of the copy.

Here are the 10…
1. Headline
2. Headline Sub Head
3. Picture (or Illustration)
4. Caption under picture
5. Copy
6. Copy Sub Heads (larger ads only)
7. Offer /Price
8. Response Coupon/details/website
9. Logo
10. Overall layout (must create an attractive buying environment)

30 Headlines You Can Use Yourself

I currently have 445 proven headlines for ads that I have written, collected, begged, borrowed or stolen over the years. I add around 25­-30 new ones a year.

Here are a few headlines you can use right now…(obviously they will have to be tailored to your product or service…)

• A Surprising New Discovery…
• Discover How To…
• Could This Be…?
• At Last…It’s Here…
• Take Advantage Of…
• Make The Most Of…
• Reserve Your…
• Act Fast And You’ll Also Get…
• Nothing Else Compares To…
• Our Lowest Price Ever…
• If You’re Worried About…
• An Exclusive Invitation
• There’s Nothing Quite Like…
• Starts Working Instantly…
• A Breakthrough Formula…
• At last! • Announcing…
• A Very Special Offer For Lovers Of…
• It’s Never Been Easier To…
• You Simply Won’t Believe How Good It Is…
• Exclusive
• How To Improve Your…
• How To…
• Here’s A Quick Way To…
• Yours Free ­ A New…
• The Secrets Of XXX Revealed FREE!
• Anyone Can Learn How To XXX With XXX
• Read This BEFORE You XXX
• There Are 9 Reasons Why You Should XXX…And Here They Are…

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