European Academy of Direct & Interactive Marketing #4 – a treat!

Nothing pleases a speaker/trainer more than repetition. And I am particularly fond of coming back to take part in EADIM (European Academy of Direct & Interactive Marketing). My fourth year there was no exception.

Drayton Bird’s EADIM took place for the fourth time.

After the inaugural event in Brussels, the academy has been held at the Cavendish Hotel in London for the past three years. And once again the grand old man of direct marketing had invited some highly experienced people to teach and entertain the attendees.

Like the previous years, my role was to present some ideas on “how to find customers online”. I changed the presentation completely for this year. Learn more about how at the bottom of this page. If you were looking for an interview with Drayton Bird – it is here.

An international audience of good looking marketers

Nothing beats a good international audience. For speakers and attendees alike it adds that interesting extra dimension. And EADIM 2011 was no exception. This year EADIM saw attendance from Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom and the USA.

EADIM 4th Edition 2011

You should be able to see some of them in the pictures above. Or you can go to the Facebook page to have a quick peek here.

Great content presented by highly accomplished people

This year I was lucky to be able to listen to some of the presentations. And I must say that the quality was very high. Every single presenter gave me something to think about, something to implement, experience to learn from and something to laugh about. And in my book – that is all that counts.

Think-implement-learn-laugh = TILL

If you speak American English the acronym above may not make sense. Unless, of course, you know that the word till is the peculiar British English way of saying cash-register. (get it?; – ).

Anyhow, back to the presenters and a few highlights:

Steve Harrison, a wonderful and thought to provoke presentation from the world’s most accomplished (awarded) direct marketing creative. It was my first time to actually listen to Steve Harrison’s direct marketing presentation live. He spoke about creativity. And boy did he deliver some excellent one-liners that sat very well with me. I can’t wait to replay the video of his presentation from EADIM.

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Rory Sutherland, now here is another interesting direct marketing man. An individual with a mind like no other I have ever come across. Perhaps with the exception of one professor, I had the pleasure of meeting some years ago. Rory Sutherland’s presentation was extremely well delivered with many great points to take home. For now, let me only say this; if you saw his well known TED presentation and liked it, you would probably like the presentation he gave at EADIM even more.

Let that suffice for now. I will be posting a “videovized” interview with Rory Sutherland shortly. Get the Mind-Box free here to get notified.

How to find customers online and reactions to my talk.

As mentioned earlier, I made some rather dramatic changes to my presentation compared to previous years. Instead of covering a lot of different customer acquisition areas, I focused in on acquiring customers through social media and email marketing.

With only 90 minutes to present some reasonably actionable content, that was a risk. I was not entirely happy with my presentation – but then again I never am.

So let’s see what Aimee Prendergast had to say about my presentation;

“I recently attended EADIM in London where Michael was one of the speakers. I have to say that Michael’s presentation was one of my favourites for both content and delivery. He is a very entertaining and interesting guy from whom all marketing professionals could learn a lot. I am very eager to implement some of Michael’s ideas and believe they will really help our activities.I look forward to meeting him again in the future.”

and Denis Thornton said this;

“Ask anyone “in marketing” how they get results and they’ll probably mumble something about creativity; ask them to actually prove their results and they won’t have a clue – leaving you with the feeling they’re charlatans, and you’re probably right.

But once Michael Leander unfolds the way to structure your marketing so it not only works, but tells you the return on your investment you’re getting, I promise you will never look back. In one short session I finally understood how to structure my marketing so it’s automated, how to reach out to my customers (and more importantly, what with), and how to use social media properly. So many people think they’ve got social media cracked, but Michael really does have the secret of how to do it right.

Besides that, he is a very funny guy. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.”

Will there be another EADIM?
It’s only been a few days since EADIM 2011 ended. But EADIM will be back again next year.

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