Michael Leander Knight of the DMAI

Michael Leander with founder of DMAI Sanjiv Swarup

Sleep deprived, tired and energy drained, I was hanging around chatting with conference attendees at the DMAI Convention. The DMAI Awards Show was about to begin, but I had no intention of staying for the duration. But boy am I glad I changed my mind.

True story: After a long marketing conference day in New Delhi, I had my mind set on skipping the DMAI Awards show taking place that evening.

Drained for energy, I desperately needed a good nights sleep. The next day would be the last day of what turned out be a great three day marketing conference in New Delhi, India.

All set to go, I decided to have one last quick peak inside the DMAI Awards Show. When I saw hundreds of people seemingly enjoying the show, I decided to sit in and take part.

I am glad I did.

First Knight of the DMAI

Sitting there on a lonely chair surrounded by eight tops, I was indeed enjoying the show when Vatsal Asher, the CEO of DMAI, spoke about a new award. Named after Winnifred Knight, he mentioned that it is called Knight of the DMAI and that it will be awarded to people whom have given service to and supported the Direct Marketing Association of India.

I was very surprised when he called out my name.  I am honored to share this new “royal” title with two great and accomplished direct marketing gals; Luiza Mazinter from South Africa and Jodie Sangster, originally from the UK, but now heading up ADMA in Australia.

More pictures telling the rest of the story

Here are a few pictures telling part of the story. See more pictures here
Michael Leander Award winning speaker

All three DMAI Knights in one picture

Michael Leander awards

See more pictures from the DMAI Awards Show here

Michael Leander Shelly Singh Winnifred Knight and Sanjiv Swarup

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