Awesome tourism destination marketing: New Zealand shows tourist marketers how it is done !

Marketing tourist destinations is no easy feat. But that is not excuse for not trying to get it right. Tourism destinations such as Portugal and Egypt gets it terribly wrong. Their marketing is horrendous with no clear point of differentiation. But not New Zealand. Check the videos below and you’ll know what I mean.

Powered by Air New Zealand, the Kiwi Sceptics campaign, targeted at people residing in Australia, is just one part of New Zealand’s efforts to attract more tourists and visitors to the land of the Kiwi’s.

The Kiwi Sceptics is a series of short-films – each kept in a similar-to-a-reality-show style – starring four Australians with slightly different lifestyles and “travel-taste”. Each had preconceived ideas about New Zealand as a destination – having said they would never “cross the ditch” (that is, fly from Aussie-land to Kiwi-land).

For the social media suckers out there: Check Air Newzealand’s customized web-channel on YouTube here: and think about if doing something similar to promote your travel destination (or any other product or service) might help you get the traction you are looking for?

Here is another of the Kiwi Sceptics videos (also look at the top of this post for the – in my opinion – best of the four)


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