One of the highlights of of the Marketing Relacional & CRM Summit in Bogotá, Colombia was the presence of Bob Hayes. A true subject matter expert on Total Customer Experience, Bob is an acclaimed author and an opinionated person who doesn’t necessarily subscribe to the conventional (alleged) truths. We like that about him.  And that makes him a marketing influencer. 

This video conversation took place in Bogotá – the beautiful capital of Colombia. Colombia is known for many things including its amazing coffee and very friendly people (see pictures from conference here). And Bob Hayes is known for his knowledge on customer experience surveys and customer feedback programs.

Author of 3 books on customer experience measurement

total customer experienceBob is a ph.d. So he has researched extensively on customer feedback programs. He has also written three books namely TCE – Total Customer Experience, Measuring Customer Experience and Loyalty and Beyond the Ultimate Question.  He runs Business over Broadway – a respected consultancy – in his home city of Seattle, USA.

As you will learn from watching the video, Bob is passionate about customer feedback programs and measuring the total customer experience. And he cares deeply about doing things right. For that reason he has questioned Reichfeld’s methods behind The Ultimate Question and Net Promoter Score. If you want to learn his position on how best to measure loyalty and customer satisfaction, go talk to him here 

Total customer experience resources from Bob Hayes

I want to keep this article short and sweet. For that reason, let me direct you to the following resources where you can learn more about the total customer experience;

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