Is it just me – or are there too many “boring” marketing speakers out there?

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Recently I attended a conference where I had the mixed pleasure of listening to seven other marketing speakers.

Most of them presented very interesting and insightful content. But almost all of them were boring marketing speakers – totally incapable of getting the audience of some 70 people excited about their respective marketing topics.

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It is a shame that boring marketing speakers destroy the experience.
I believe that it is highly important that marketing speakers and marketing trainers mix seriousness with fun. If for nothing else, just to ensure that the audience is paying attention.

It really is true what Piet Hein once said in one of his famous grooks “he who only takes seriousness for serious and fun for fun, got both things wrong” – or something like that.

The essence is that I as a marketing speaker and trainer find it hugely important to mix seriousness with humor. Whenever I myself have tried to act serious and important, I have almost always received less flattering remarks from the audience.

Some marketing speakers are better at entertaining than they are at providing knowledge and actionable value to a seminar or conference audinece.
Yesterday I spoke to a long time business associate of mine. She complained about the actual take-home-and-use value of a conferences she went to. She said; “most of these keynote guys were really entertaining. The case studies they used were impressive. But they didn’t offer me any practical and actionable advice.”

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Michael Leander speaking in Tallinn, Estonia (November 2012)

Honestly, as a marketing speaker, I am always anxious about hitting the right balance of the right content for the right audience delivered with an appropriate mix of laughs and learning’s.

After all, a marketing speaker must provide a certain amount of actionable advice or insight. Marketing advice which the audience understands well enough to be able to react and implement.

I don’t believe I will ever become perfect at speaking and presenting about marketing related topics, but I sure would hate if anyone ever called me a boring marketing speaker.

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