Let me ask you this: do you think you can convert more visitors to action simply by changing the copy in your call to action button? The answer is YES, it is highly likely that you can. Read on to learn how.

If you have attended my Email Marketing Masterclass, any of my Digital Marketing Seminars or Power Up Your Direct & Digital Marketing Seminars, you might remember seeing examples of how testing the copy of a call to action button changed conversions by double digit numbers.

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You might also remember the examples showing how you create less (conversion) friction simply by changing your copy. Or the examples where I show how important it is to test button style (format), the color of the button and the placement of the button.

If you have seen any of these examples, you will know that testing button copy variations, for example, can make a huge impact on your conversion results.

Believe it or not, conversion optimization has become an industry in itself. One of the players in that industry is a young fellow by the name of Michael Lykke Aagaard. He is a copywriter and conversion optimization specialist with four years of experience. I think he is talented. And I know he works really hard to

He recently created a 6 minute short video that takes you through the basics of writing button copy. Go ahead and watch the video. And then please do try to apply what you learned.

So. There you have it. Now do follow the links below to get even more information you can use to increase the effect of your online marketing efforts.