CMO Talk: Google Hangout with Jacques de Villiers for a talk about best practices in lead acquisition and lead generation. In this 30 minute talk you get input on important aspects of demand generation. Jacques – with his 20+ years experience in sales management and sales training – gives good advice on different aspects of lead acquisition. 

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5 lead acquisition and lead conversion tips you want to know

Many marketers are busy chasing leads. But few marketers have put their lead generation efforts into an effective system. Here are 5 things should think about if you want to improve your lead generation and lead conversion results.

  1. Be clear about what type of leads you would like to attract
  2. Have clear definitions for “marketing leads” and “sales leads” respectively
  3. Think about how you can nurture leads
  4. Understand how you can apply lead scoring, which will help you know when to move a “marketing lead” to become a “sales lead”
  5. Be sure that you constantly monitor your lead acquisition costs as a very minimum metric, but even better if you are able to measure Cost per new Customer Acquisition or Cost per Order

In coming blogposts I will provide some practical insights on how to address each of the 5 important lead generation components above.

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