Most people struggle occasionally with their content creation work. Sometimes you may find it hopeless to come up with new ideas for content that will interest and engage your audience. Other times you may find it difficult to understand how to re-purpose specific pieces of content.

This infographic from Copyblogger may give you a few ideas that can improve your content marketing activities

create content for your content marketing strategy

Holy Cow that is one long Infographic from Copyblogger

Writing content, repurposing content and – perhaps most challenging – producing content with all the bells and whistles that go with it, is not as easy as it sounds. Especially if you do not think of yourself as a writer (like me).

But with commonsense and a bit of good old fashioned hard work, you too can become really great at creating compelling, insightful, fun, inspiring, awesome content.

Get your head around the full content marketing process

What I have learned through my own experimentation is that once you get your head around the full process of creating content, it is not so difficult to make a good content marketing strategy work for you. Most important is that you define a good content concept, and then stick to it.

BUT – getting good original stories out there does require a lot of work. And if you choose to outsource the process, you do need a reasonably sized budget.

There are a number of decisive questions you need to address before you get started. In a future article I will describe in depth what these steps are.

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