Storytelling is about the listener, not the storyteller content marketingStorytelling and content marketing goes hand in hand. Followers of my Facebook page said they want to know how to approach storytelling effectively. This is the first entry in my Guide to Effective Content Marketing series of blog- and video posts.

Since an info-graphic is an interesting component in many B2B marketers content marketing mix, I thought I’d start the Guide to Effective Content Marketing series with an infographic about the history of content marketing and storytelling.

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The history of storytelling infographic

I think that the history of content marketing infographic below puts everything into perspective. Although many social media and PR experts have been trying to sell content marketing as something new, it is not new. In fact, storytelling and sharing information via content has been around for a very long time.

It is just that we (as in everybody) now have a better opportunity of reaching a larger audience and fast. And we are able to target our stories better than ever before.

Content marketing has a history of storytelling although inbound marketing is new

It is not difficult to understand what content marketing is and how it can benefit your business. The difficult part is to make it work. And to achieve a reasonable Return on Marketing Investment.

In my experience consistency is key in becoming successful with content marketing. For many marketers that is difficult.

In the coming articles and videoposts about content marketing, I will try my best to share my experience with content marketing. But for now, let me leave you with this quote from one of my marketing presentations;

“The cornerstone of a successful content marketing strategy that generates leads and customers to your business, is a well formulated content concept. The content concept is simple. It needs to solve real audience problems. If you can develop stories that will help your audience solve their problems, your content marketing activities will bear fruit.”

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