Content marketing is dominating the marketing conversation on Twitter right now. As usual gazillions of “experts” are promoting their preferred marketing instrument of choice. Right now content marketing is the hottest of the hottest. 

Before you read some of the Tweets below and follow the links to more content marketing resources, let me remind you that content marketing is not new, nor is it difficult to master. But it pays to do your homework and work from a well designed plan.

Your content marketing success starts with a good plan

Here are a few tips on what I have learned about creating a good content marketing plan;

  1. Write for your audience and make sure you add value: content should be written for your audience and not for search engines. Period.
  2. Never forget why you are offering content to your audience: align your efforts with your prioritised marketing objectives: for some it is part of a customer nurturing engagement initiative, for others content is an attractor mechanism designed to attract traffic and ultimately attract new customers
  3. Give your content wheels: lots of good content out there never attracts any significant number of eyeballs leaving the content worthless. Make sure you have outlined exactly how you are going to drive traffic to your work
  4. Plan for winners: while many seem to think that content marketing is a volume and frequency game, I beg to differ. While it is smart to create and seed a consistent flow of new content, don’t expect all of your published work to attract lots of attention.
  5. Measure and learn; it often takes long to learn exactly what makes your audience tick. So make sure you monitor & measure to learn how your audience interacts with your content.

How to get started when you lack resources: See if Markedu offers a training course about content marketing

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