Few marketers are talented at writing copy that sells. Most people have to study hard and practice even harder.  Andy Owen is considered one of the best direct response copywriters alive today. So if you are keen on becoming better at copywriting, you will get really good and proven advice from Andy. 

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Why copywriting is so important
If you have seen me speak or participated in any of my masterclasses or training sessions, you might have heard me bluntly state that copywriters are the most important people on any marketing team.

Yes, that’s right! People who are able to write compelling, engaging, sales converting words are very, very important for the success of your marketing activities. Especially professionals with a good understanding of how to test and how to experiment for better results.

Copywriting has always been important, but when digital channels were born it become even more important. It is no longer a specialist skill reserved for the few writers of direct mails, response advertisements and – for some markets – infomercials.

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These days we all need to be able to churn out a winning subject line for an email marketing campaign, 2 lines of compelling and convincing text for a social network post or 700 words for a sales letter.

10’s of thousands are wrestling to put words on paper and screen every day. The majority in their own native language. But more and more of us are charged with producing content and words that convince readers to act, but in a language foreign to us. No easy feat regardless.

You know that experts say that the copy of any campaign can make or break a campaign, right?

In my experience smart marketers know this, but still ignore it. For some reason it is easier to relate to the (perceived) importance of the Big Idea, the graphics, the creative. And as a result most brands do not allocate sufficient funds for getting great copywriters involved. In my opinion that is a mistake.

But you can avoid making that mistake.

Either by hiring an accomplished copywriter. Someone who writes for results. Someone who understands that writing to attract and convince is much different than writing to impress.

Or you can set out on the path of becoming a decent writer yourself. I am sure you can do it. As I am writing this I am very conscious about my broken English, my grammatical mistakes and poor sentence structures. These things keep me from writing as much as I would have liked to.

But you know what? 

If you got this far and watched the Andy Owen video it was all worth it.

What to do now?

> Go check out Andy Owen’s website and learn more from him. His CopyCat newsletter is really superb inspiration for any marketer
> Or go to the YouTube channel. I have uploaded lots of videos for your inspiration. 

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