Creating a culture of experimentation is a critical success enabler for social media

experimentation marketingFor years I have been talking about how “Failure is a huge part of your success” and the importance of creating a culture of experimentation. Now a North American study conducted by Booz & Company with Buddy Media confirms that North American marketers “gets it”. 88% says that creating a culture of experimentation is a critical social media success enabler.

In the survey Campaigns to Capabilities, Booz lists a number of interesting findings. One of the questions asked to marketers was to outline the critical success enablers for social media. The diagram (above and below) shows the result. 88% said that creating a culture of experimentation is a critical social media success enabler.

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Success enablers for direct marketing has always involved experimentation
Interestingly, anyone who has worked in direct marketing and been good at it knows that achieving great results most often come as a result of quite a bit of experimentation. Digital is a direct marketing channel. Hence experimentation is very much an important component in the quest for success, greater engagement, better response and a great Return on Marketing Investment.

In summary
Get top management to understand why experimentation is necessary as part of the process towards success. Get allowance for spending money and resources to test your hypothesis. Don’t accept whatever your agency decides is the truth. Because more often than not, it ain’t.

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