Michael Leander incompany training for IBM ConsultingI am surprised to find that such a large percentage of companies and organizations actually have NOT defined their customer strategy.

To me the customer strategy should be the core of any business. If you haven’t defined a tight customer strategy, your business is likely throwing resources and priorities at the wrong customers. And that is less than ideal for any organization.

Understanding whom your ideal customer is and why is an important question for any business old or new. Understanding how you are going to differentiate your services and products to each of your customer segments or customer fragments is important.

And learning as much as you possibly can about your customers reel needs – not perceived needs, but reel needs – is crucial for your success. All of these and more are part of a customer strategy.

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Watch this video (turn up the volume) to hear Rosy, Ajay and myself talk a little bit about customer management. This video was filmed on the last day of a 3 day in-company training session with IBM India. (if you are interested in in-company training, go here to contact Michael Leander).

Needless to say, IBM’s Strategy & Transformation sector can help you address your customer strategy and customer management challenges.

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