New Chartered Digital Marketing Certification Course for ambitious professionals from Africa and the Middle East. Course is cutting-edge with hype-free content, actionable information and practical guidance.

Digital Marketing Certificate CourseThe first cohort will join the Chartered Digital Marketing Certification Course in Nairobi in December. In 2017 the course is offered at selected locations in the Middle East and Africa. (see upcoming dates and locations below)

The New Chartered Digital Marketing Certification is offered by A.B.M.C. International – a fast growing executive training company based in Kenya with operations across all of Africa and the Middle East.

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Enabling African leaders and organizations to grow through better digital marketing

Any digital marketing course should have a clear purpose. And this one is no different. The overarching purpose is to assist African organizations and its people to prosper and grow.

Joseph M. Mugo - ABMC International

Joseph M. Mugo. Director of A.B.M.C. International is excited about the new Digital Marketing Certification

Joseph M. Mugo – Director of training company A.B.M.C. International says:  “we are currently seeing a lot of interest in the CMA Course (Chartered Marketing Analyst Certificate course) – and we will continue to offer that 5-day marketing analyst course in Africa and Dubai.

But many professionals have expressed a firm interest in an intensive 3-day digital marketing course. A relevant marketing course focused on digital marketing and digital transformation essentials, which will help African leaders grow.

Our own research shows that African marketing leaders must close the new vs. old marketing skill gap in order to fully understand how to leverage mobile and digital channels.

We have chosen to partner with Michael Leander for this new certification course.  He is an accomplished marketing trainer and speaker. And Michael Leander takes a hands-on  – or should I say action-oriented – approach to digital marketing training.

Thus far we have seen remarkable results with the 5-day CMA Course which also is delivered by Michael. So we are very happy to expand our collaboration with him.

As a company, ABMC is all about helping African leaders – and aspiring leaders – to grow. The future across all of the African continent is about mobile and digital. This course will help attendees understand how to approach digital and mobile channels in an effective and future proof way.”

Digital marketing certification you can actually use

With training and speaking experience from six continents, Michael Leander is also excited about the new 3-day marketing certificate course.

Michael Leander marketing trainer

Marketing trainer Michael Leander (photo taken at The Stanley Hotel in Nairobi).

Michael Leander says: “When the team at ABMC mentioned the need for the digital marketing certification course, I was immediately excited. For a number of reasons:

1) It is clear that African marketing and communication professionals are ready to fully utilize the possibilities offered by mobile marketing and digital marketing.

2) Mobility is huge in Africa where most people have their first digital experience through a mobile device. The mix of devices, internet speed challenges and true omnichannel makes marketing in Africa challenging. And I like challenges.

3) After attending, participants will have a realistic opportunity to make a real difference in their organization. Because the content we share will be super action-oriented. As a trainer, I really want to see people grow. And I’d like to see marketers make the transition. From being perceived as a cost center to proving that they add real, tangible benefits to their organization.

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I would be amiss failing to mention that it gives me great pleasure to visit the African continent – and the Middle East. I learn so much on every trip.  Finally, working with AMBC is a breeze for me. Josephs team are top-notch people with a real desire to make a change. And to provide an exceptionally great experience for all course attendees.

Dates and locations for Chartered Digital Marketing Certification Course

The course is offered at different locations throughout MENA (the Middle East and Africa).  Upcoming dates:
> Nairobi, Kenya: December 14-16, 2016
> Nairobi, Kenya. February 15-17, 2017
> Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: February 20-22, 2017
> Dubai, UAE: April 19-21, 2017

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Marketing course content – what to expect

The Chartered Digital Marketing Certification Course covers a range of important topics related to the digital marketing and mobile marketing sphere.  All of which is described in the course brochure.

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