Hristo Radichev presents winning direct marketing case study

Hristo Radichev as Sherlock Holmes ?

Direct marketing at its best ! This talk with Hristo Radichev will give you tons of great direct marketing advice you can use. And you get a great presentation of a highly successful integrated direct marketing case.

This case study involves a personalized Drayton Bird book, personalization, QR codes, personalized webpages for respondents and a lesson on how to write a great direct mail letter.

Scroll down to get to the video recording! You really don’t want to miss this.

Let me give you a bit of background

Hristo Radichev is one of the leading direct marketers in Bulgaria. Of course he won’t ever admit to that. Because that’s just the type of person he is.

He has studied direct marketing ferociously for years. In his former role with direct marketing giant Readers Digest, he experienced and learned from the best direct marketing “school” on the planet. So this is a man who really knows what he is talking about.

What I especially like about Hristo Radichev is his multichannel direct marketing approach. He is a real marketing professional, not a one channel trick pony kinda person.

The integrated direct marketing case study he presents in this talk with me is just great. I hope it will inspire you to do better in your own direct marketing activities. You can learn more about Hristo’s company Mediapost Hit Mail Bulgaria here

See this video to learn how direct marketing is done with success

Here is just some of the direct marketing information you will get by listening to this exclusive recording

  • How do you segment your audience to enable you to invest more in the most important ones, and a little less to “luke-warm” and “cold” prospects
  • How a special feature on a newly translated release of Drayton Birds book “Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing” got people posting pictures of the physical book on their Facebook pages
  • How to write a sales letter and a discussion about short sales letters vs. long sales letters (yep, you’ll sure be surprised to hear that discussion)
  • How personalization can be put to good use in print, on the web and in other channels
  • How the exclusivity card was played to make this direct marketing campaign even more compelling


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