GMA Editor Sally Hooten

Sally Hooten – Editor of the GMA

This week the GMA (The Global Marketing Alliance) published new direct marketing tips & expert insights for direct marketers and digital marketers. Here is a quick summary. Click the links below to read the full story.

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Top stories from the GMA this week: Email marketing, insurance marketing and the future of f-commerce

1) The real cost of “cheap” email marketing
Matt Button – head of market strategy at Underwired – says that volume driven email marketing strategies have value implication. He asks some interesting questions related to email marketing and its real ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment). He also gives an example on how simple use of customer knowledge can have a dramatic impact on campaign results.

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2) Insurance policy for marketers
In a straight to the point article Robert Paterson- chairman of the board and global chief marketing officer of Afinium – discusses how how insurance firms can encourage and sustain relationships with their customers. His article touches upon the role of data for marketers in the insurance industry and other financial services industries.

>>> See the points Robert Paterson makes in his article over at the GMA

3) Is there a future for f-commerce?
Richard McCrossan – strategic business director at Genesys – identifies key barriers to social media as a viable sales channel – in particular related to f-commerce – the short word for Facebook commerce. Richard McCrossan talks about how companies aren’t yet sure how to best utilise social channels and make the most of this consumer interest.

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