hristo radichev from media post hitmailAfter the Power Up Your Direct & Digital Marketing Workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria, I had a chance to sit down and talk to one of the best direct marketers in Bulgaria. His name is Hristo Radichev and he is the Country Manager of Mediapost Hitmail in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is one of those countries where direct marketing does not have a long history. Hence there is a need for direct marketing education and inspiration in Bulgaria. In this interview Hristo, who has a background working in direct marketing with Readers Digest in Bulgaria, talks about his experiences with direct marketing in Bulgaria.

Watch the video below – towards the end you get information about permission marketing legislation for B2C companies in Bulgaria:

Bulgarian permission legislation
Hristo mentions that Bulgaria has a somewhat peculiar permission marketing legislation related to business-to-consumer marketing. Not only for email marketing, but for any type of direct marketing communication.

Database is part of the foundation
At the Power Up Your Direct & Digital Marketing Workshop in Sofia, Hristo Radichev’s presentation about database marketing was a very relevant entry in the seminar. Although most marketers find that database, data and datamining related tasks somewhat boring or difficult, there is no doubt that the database and profiling of your target group is of huge importance.

Mediapost Hitmail has a lot of expertise in working with databases and add tremendous value to their clients in database marketing, multichannel marketing campaigns and much more.

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