direct integrated marketing workshop in tallinn with michael leanderScroll down to get slide deck and videos presented at the direct marketing (mini) workshop to an engaged audience of 60 people in Tallinn – Estonia.

Organized perfectly by Best Marketing, the premise was to talk about integrated direct marketing campaigns. Here is a quick summary along with the slide deck and other resources.

In all honestly, I have not presented core direct marketing principles for some time. So it was a refreshing challenge to think about how I would approach the integrated direct marketing topic to an audience whom I knew very little about.

You can see more pictures from the workshop here

Direct marketing encompasses so many different things. From direct marketing techniques related to direct mail to direct response advertising through print advertisement, TV and radio. Not to mention the direct marketing techniques we (should) apply everyday in email marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing activities.

Thanks to my experience speaking at the Wazzap event, I have found a new speaking concept revolving around traditional, old and tested direct marketing techniques that still work incredibly well. You will learn more about that speaking concept, when you sign-up for the Mind-Box newsletter.

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  • get the key points discussed in the direct marketing workshop
  • see and download the slide deck from the Wazzup event
  • see and hear David Ogilvy talk about direct marketing

Key points discussed in the direct marketing workshop in Tallinn
During my 4 hour talk, many areas were touched upon. Here are some of the most important ones. I intend to elaborate on some of these in future blog articles. Get the 360 Degree Dialogue Brief to stay tuned – go here to sign-up free

1) Integrated direct marketing increases your Return on Marketing Investment
2) When you approach an audience through a direct marketing activity, remember to state what you want as early in the communication as possible
3) Successful direct marketers are those whom manage to align their sales processes with the buying process.
4) Choose your channel mix based on the preferences of your audience.
5) Leveraging multiple mediachannels is often much more effective. (E.g. prelaunch a direct mail by using email to let your audience know that the direct mail is on its way – and then a few days later follow up on email again to those whom did not respond yet)

Stay tuned for more key points and additional tips to help you improve your direct marketing results

Download the slide deck from the mini Direct Marketing Workshop in Tallinn

Watch David Ogilvy and get some really useful direct marketing advise

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