Email Marketing Assessment Guide with Marketing Automation Assessment Questions – free to download

> This is a condensed email marketing assessment guide from GIDMA – download here
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This is a condensed version of the Email Marketing Assessment Guide and Questionaire used at GIDMA. It is used to help clients improve email marketing and marketing automation results

I’ve learned that many businesses are in need of inspiration, but don’t have the budget to work with consultants. Hence I am happy to share this condensed version of the assessment guide.

Email marketing assessment structure – condensed version

The guide is structured into 10 different areas or segments:

1) Overall business objectives
2) Email marketing purpose and objectives
3) Email marketing value proposition and signup process
4) Email marketing content concept
5) Permission marketing and privacy compliance
6) Email Sending and Deliverability
7) Audience segmentation and profiling
8) Messaging design, communication form and A/B testing
9) Email marketing metrics
10)Trigger and events + marketing automation

In addition, the guide contains tables for assessing media channels and their effectiveness

The full version contains more segments including:

11) Lead nurturing tactics and personalization in each stage
12) Subscriber acquisition strategies and media plan
13) Behavioral targeting cross-channel
along with a number of checklists related to email deliverability, database hygiene, personalization tactics, setting the right marketing metrics guide and more.

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