Email marketing infographic Open rates on mobile surpassing desktop according to Return Path

Email marketing infographic shows that open rates on mobile devices are surpassing open rates on desktop. The numbers will vary a lot from market to market, but email marketers need to pay attention to this development.

Email marketing infographic desktop vs mobile opens

The email marketing infographic email marketers need to act on

I’d advice you to study Return Path’s Infographic on this page. Spend time to understand what the implications of thiese recent developments in email marketing are.

In my opinion, the infographic clearly indicates that email marketers need to react to the explosive changes in how and where people interact with emails. I know there are a lot of email marketing infographics out there suggesting all kinds of developments. But think about your own behavior. Think about how you yourself interact with email these days.

Isn’t it true that you are constantly switching between your email inbox on your desktop, on you tablet and on your mobile device?

If it is, don’t you think it is likely that so does your audience. In fact I’l’ bet that a good proportion of your audience are switching between different devices right now. And the percentage of your audience whom only interacts with your email newsletters and email marketing campaigns on a desktop computer is only going to decline.

This means that you need to make sure you are capable of delivering emails designed to work well both on the desktop, as well as on smart phones and tablets.

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