Email Marketing presentation at Lisac & Lisac event in Ljubljana

Lisac & Lisac is the foremost marketing event organizer and educator in Slovenia.

Lead by brothers Ales and Blas Lisac, they put on quite a few marketing events interesting events each year.

Having known Ales Lisac since meeting this Slovenian marketing guru in conjunction with Drayton Bird’s EADIM in Brussels in 2008, I have nothing but admiration for the status he has reached as THE marketing guru in Slovenia.

And I can truly say that it is well earned. Because Ales Lisac is one of the few gurus who actually practices what he preaches. I love practitioners who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and experiment knowing that there is always a real risk of losing money and, perhaps for a guru, more importantly, face.

It is always interesting to follow what others are doing to earn recognition. And the Lisac & Lisac team continue to experiment and go new ways in their quest to improve themselves and their business. Hence I was quite happy to be invited by Ales Lisac to speak at their marketing event in April. I was invited as a guest speaker to the main act, the American MLM guru Tom Big Al Schreiter.

MLM and Michael Leander, really?

Ok, I have a “thing” for MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). In fact, up until a few days ago, I was MLMfobic. I have had this idea that the MLM industry is full of con artists, bandits and charlatans. In short, people who cheat other people into buying (or distributing) useless products at an exorbitant price. In the USA there is a huge industry that caters to the multi-level marketers. They sell information. Pure and simple.

For that reason, I have completely stayed “the heck away” from anything and anyone involved in that industry.

But after listening to Tom Schreiter and talking to attendees, I came to realize that the multi-level network marketing industry can teach corporate marketers a lot. And corporate marketers can teach the people involved in network marketing quite a bit.

Tom Schreiter and how people make decisions

Big Al is not so big in the physical sense. But his presentation was received in a big way by some 150 attendees in Ljubljana. His talk about how people make decisions had me on the fences from the word “go”. But in the days preceding the event, I have given his theories some thoughts and done a bit of research on the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind. And while I am still not 100% convinced, I must admit that he does have a point.

But the sentences Tom spend quite a bit of time teaching people were quite interesting. Tom’s theory is that whatever comes out of your mouth at the start of a (sales pitch) sentence, will have a direct impact on how you will succeed in a) getting that persons attention b) accomplishing what you want from that person. One of the sentences would start like this “Everybody knows that…”. Big Al’s claim is that when you begin a sentence with:

“Everybody knows that…” people will not only pay attention but also include themselves in the group of everybody. That is, except for 3% of all people.

On the day of the event and the following day, I didn’t think much of it. But now I am going to test the five sentences Tom taught the audience at the Lisac & Lisac event. I’ll report back here about the results.

Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

My presentation was about email marketing mostly and touched only a bit upon social media marketing. I was asked to do a similar presentation as I did in Athens earlier in the year. Frankly, I wish I had spoken more about social media marketing as this would have been more appropriate for the audience in question (I think), however hopefully attendees got some takeaways from the 70-minute presentation about email marketing. Slides are here:

Ljubljana: Michael Leander at Lisac & Lisac Tom Schreiter event from Michael Leander

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