Email Marketing Survey and Report 2016

  • State of Email Marketing 2016

New email marketing study and report uncovers common challenges faced by email marketers

The State of Email Marketing is a study that aims to reveal some of the current critical challenges for email marketers. You can get the report – for free –  by participating in the survey.

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Email marketing study insights

The study will uncover current and future use of email marketing and data driven marketing. Some of the questions the final report answers are:

  • Frequency of email communication for both promotional emails and newsletters
  • Confidence of correct rendering of emails across multiple devices and channels
  • Use of single-opt-in vs. double-opt-in
  • ROI of email marketing and email newsletters
  • What are the main challenges for successful email marketing and marketing automation

The survey and report is published by Markedu in association with a large number of partners. The final report will not only reveal key email marketing insights, but also provide actionable advice to data driven marketers.

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In addition to the questions mentioned above, the survey will also reveal:

  • Marketers perception of ROI comparing email marketing to social media
  • The click-through-rate targeted by email marketers
  • The current and planned use of lead scoring, marketing automation and lead nurturing programs

The report will be available for sale in April, but survey respondents get the report for free.


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