“Which tools should I use to monitor my social media presence”. That is a question I have been asked by hundreds of seminar and conference attendees this year alone. I was never able to give a proper answer to that question. So now I have decided to post a series of social media management, social media monitoring and social media publishing tool reviews.

This video based review is about social media monitoring tool Crowdbooster. A free trial version can be found here.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse the tool mentioned in this post, nor do I endorse any other tools unless specifically stated.

What does Crowdbooster promise?
Crowdbooster writes on their homepage:
“Measure and optimize your social media marketing”
Crowdbooster offers social media analytics with suggestions and tools to help you improve your online presence.

See the videos and read what I think is best and worst about this tool

Crowdbooster functionality specific to Twitter monitoring, analytics and publishing

Crowdbooster functionality specific to Facebook monitoring, analytics and publishing

What is best about Crowdbooster?

  • What Crowdbooster calls targeted recommendations is a great feature. It helps you understand whom you should engage with on Twitter, for example.
  • The user interface is clean and very intuitive
  • It is fast and easy to get started
  • If you are contemplating a paid version, prices are very affordable, or should I say, reasonable.

What is worst about Crowdbooster?

  • Some numbers seem inaccurate – f.ex. number of Twitter retweets, or numbers of shares on Facebook. This may have been a case of a delayed synchronization of data between Facebook/Twitter and Crowdbooster
  • The KPI numbers does not include a conversion funnel. F.ex. percentages of clicks or percentage of people talking about this.
  • The publishing to Twitter and Facebook functionality is not yet fully developed, but is ok

Overall, I think the people behind Crowdbooster are going in the right direction. If they choose to develop their targeted recommendations even further and add more insight components to their analytics part, they have a pretty unique offer.

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