michael leander talks about engagement rate for Facebook as a social media marketing metrics

Marketers have different purposes for engaging their audience with a Facebook Page, but most want to know how engaging their content is. You need engagement to convert your audience to action.

Facebook engagement rate is measured in interactions. On a Facebook Page that translates into likes, comments and shares of your posts.

Hundreds of attendees at my (this is memarketing masterclasses, speaking engagements or trainings have asked this highly relevant question “what is a good engagement rate on Facebook”.

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My answer to the question about average engagement rates on Facebook pages have usually been the following:

  • Above 1% engagement rate is good,
  • 0,5%-0,99% is average and
  • below 0,5% engagement likely means that you need to realign your messages to that of your audience’s expectations  – and in the process attract more compelling and engaging contributions from your community members.

Your Facebook engagement rate will fluctuate a lot.

You should monitor your rate of engagement consistently. Perhaps even daily.  But remember to keep your marketing objectives in mind at all times. Engagement means nothing if it doesn’t stimulate your audience to action.

Successful Facebook marketers measure engagement, but are focused on actions. For example purchases, newsletter sign-ups, downloads or simply visiting your website or landing page. Keep in mind that it has become very easy to measure conversions to actions.

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SocialBakers analyze and monitor engagement on Facebook pages.

Social media monitoring website, SocialBakers, computed the average engagement rates you see below. They align well with my own experience based on years of Facebook experimentation.

If these numbers are true, it also means that the 90-9-1 rule of thumb for social networks is under attack.( The rule that suggests that 1% is your naturally engaged audience, 9% your infrequently engaged audience, and 90% your unengaged audience.)

Check the Facebook engagement matrix below

The first number indicates the number of likes/fans (k = thousands) and Average Engagement Rate means percentage of community members who either liked or commented on wall posts
NUMBER OF FANS/LIKES vs. Average Engagement rate

  • 0 -10k 0,96 %
  • 10k – 20k 0,29 %
  • 20k – 50k 0,21 %
  • 50k – 100k 0,19 %
  • 100k – 200k 0,16 %
  • 200k – 500k 0,13 %
  • 500k – 1 000k 0,11 %
  • 1 000k – ~ 0,09 %

These averages were calculated based on analytics from more than 500.000 active Facebook pages – so should carry significant weight. Remember that these numbers change constantly and the average Facebook engagement rates seem to decrease month after month. This is largely because of Facebook Edgerank.

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Now may be a good time to go check how your Facebook pages compare to the numbers above.

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