I usually do not have the time or inclination to blog about really, really bad examples of direct and digital marketing. But this one from a real estate developer is just too bad to pass up. Have a look.

Your time is precious so let’s get right to it. Below I have summarized the components of this particular real estate property campaign, I have inserted screen shots of the email as well as the landing page, and finally I share with you a few thoughts on how to improve this real estate marketing campaign. No time to read now? Get the newsletter here

What happened was this;
1) I received a solo promotional email from AMEinfo (yes, they too spam-a-lot)
2) The email contained one big image, which eventually downloaded to my inbox
3) Clicking on the email took me to a landing page
4) Seeing the landing page inspired me to write this post.

You can see my video commentary here

In my opinion the campaign is a complete waste of money. The really sad news is that countless marketing campaigns similar to this one are executed every day. But the good news is that it is easy to get it right – if only people would use commonsense and think outside in and be more aware of their conversion flow.

Here is the image I received in the email: (you can click on it to see the landing page)
Real estate marketing example not to do

It looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Scroll down to see my quick comments on why this fails no matter how good it looks.

And here is the landing page (scroll up to see the email piece again, and then scroll down to here immediately after. Now tell me what is wrong)

not how to create a winning real estate property marketing landing page


Do you see what happened there? What would you do to improve this campaign? Think about it. And now read my The Good, The Bad and the really Ugly comments

You can see my video commentary here

The Good:
If the image is in fact downloaded and renders properly, it does look good and the information is easy to digest. But that’s where the goodies stop. But as you may know, using just a full image in an email is usually not the best tactic. Get the 360 Degree Dialogue Brief to learn more about email marketing and other digital marketing techniques.

The Bad:
I do not know whom this email was sent to, but I assume it has been blasted to all subscribers of AMEinfo. I am certainly not in the audience for buying property in Dubai. In fact, I live a 6 hour plane ride away from Dubai. I suspect the majority of the recipients aren’t even in the target group. Sadly in the MEA region we see too many of these types of “spray and pray” email marketing activities.

The many unnecessary elements in the email (image) creates too much friction. This type of communication need to deliver a crystal clear message. A message with as little friction as possible.

Get the 360 Degree Dialogue Brief to learn more about email marketing and other digital marketing techniques.

Moreover, I wonder why there is no clear benefit described in the email. Am I supposed to know what Laguna Tower is and why it is attractive? And even if I do, should I not be reminded of the attractiveness of this particular real estate property?

The USP in this email seems to be “Move in now”. That would probably be great if the target audience craved that exact need. So that fails too. I think adding a line or two about the magnificence of this real estate property, its location, uniqueness, quality, facilities etc. would make a lot of sense.

The really really Ugly:
Is of course the landing page. This is a complete and utter failure. A contact form with absolutely no reference to the property – let alone any information as to what I can expect will happen after I submit my details. Big fail!

In summary:
I did not make this up. This campaign was indeed received by my inbox today. But I think that the advertiser – IFA Hotels and Resorts – probably meant to direct traffic to their product page for this particular real estate property. But they didn’t.

And even if they had, I am not sure that their product page would have converted much better. Because while that page looks nice, looks in internet marketing can be very deceiving. Have a look for yourself here. That page is all about “feeling” and not a whole lot about actually giving a good visitor experience. What’s more the conversion funnel seems to be non existent.

After writing this little piece, I realize that it is very difficult for me to write these types of case studies. So in the future I’ll use screencam and accompany that with a bit of text. In fact, you can see my video commentary here