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Happy crying creates a strong emotional connection

There is something special about feel good videos and how we interact with them. Experts have studied what makes people interact with and talk about motion-pictures for ages.

It turns out that feel good movies or feel good videos has a broad appeal. And you get a feel good feeling instantly by watching a handful of the many short videos online. Find three below for you to watch now

What is your favorite feel good movie of all time? Mine is La Vita è Bella – “Life Is Beautiful”. I watched it at a cinema in Oslo in 1999. It left a lasting impression.

The feel good theme also plays a huge role in today’s most popular viral videos. Below you will find three recent viral feel good videos. Each had some success on my Facebook page – and a lot of viral success everywhere else.

1. Babies make you feel good and smile

Babies are common ingredients in many viral advertisements. Most people feel good about watching babies. We all seem to take a special interest in babies. And – interestingly – regardless of the race, religion or roots of the baby. Which I think is incredibly good.

The babies in the video are quite amazing, and I think that is what makes us feel good.

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2. This viral video from France made a whole lot of people feel good

This video went viral. It is originally a very clever mineral water TV commercial from France. But judging by the number of shares this feel good video got, people have taken it to heart. Interestingly a few of the more than 1.600 people who shared it on my Facebook page, were offended !

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3. Feel good video starring two cats

This video was likely staged, but nevertheless tens of thousdans of people have found it amusing and entertaining. The feel good element, I think, is in the uniqueness of the cats behavior.

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