The concept of Flattr is a great one. It allows people (all of us) to flatter others whom delight us with their content. Not by commenting or “liking”, but by sending some cash their way.

Founded by Peter Sunde (Kolmisoppi), Flattr is a micro-payment solution. Supposedly the first of its kind in the whole wide web/world. In their own words, this is how they explain their concept:

“Flattr was founded to help people share money, not content” and “let people put their money were their mouth is”

Full text here:

Although I have yet to test out Flattr, I can recommend you to check it out, get an account and go ahead and flatter someone:

Sweden rocks in the world of the “internets”
It is indeed amazing how many great concepts entrepreneurs from Sweden have launched in the past 10-15 years. And Flattr is on my top 10 list of great inventions from the land of Abba.
Of course the founder Peter Sunde has a somewhat hmmm background, which you can read about by entering “Peter Sunde” in any search engine. But his concept and – even more importantly – the execution of the idea seems to be near world class. It goes to prove once again how important it is that entrepreneurs bring some solid experience along with their ideas.

Why is Peter Sunde cheap?
I don’t know Peter personally. But it struck me that when you check his Flattr profile you will see that he has received flattr, but not given anything back. As the comment below states, this could very well be because he has chosen to keep his own activities private.


Seriously, Peter Sunde. You can do better than that. That is – why not publicize your Flattrs to show the rest of us how it is done.

There might be many reasons why the Flattr founder have not found time to publicize Flattr his customers’, however kudos to him and the team for developing this service. Now let’s see if Flattr might get critical mass to become a real success.

I’ll keep my right eye on their developments and keep you posted.

This blog post is kindly brought to you by my family whom have accepted that I spend Sunday writing and working. So I’ll go flatter the four of them a bit later.