The IOETI E-Marketing & E-Tourism Conference took place in Cairo on 18-19 December. Michael Leander’s presentation slides are below along with pictures and comments.

Fantastic conference for e-marketing and e-tourism and the customer experience industry that serves tourists and travelers. IOETI did a great job of attracting important representatives from the tourism industry in Egypt. To get more like this, be sure to subscribe to the 360 Degree Dialogue Marketing Brief newsletter for free here

This article will include actionable advice soon.
Presentation from day 1 at IOETI Conference
Michael Leander opened the IOETI conference with a train of thought presentation designed to make the attendees think about their digital marketing presence.

Selected key take aways from the presentation

  • Tourism is about the customer experience. In digital marketing you need to provide a good to great customer experience as well
  • Do not entirely rely on external review sites. Give your customers a chance to review your services directly on your own web properties.
  • Getting critical mass in social media is crucial for your success. Remember the 10% of your market rule.
  • Testing is necessary to identify your best and most effective approach. No one, not even the so-called experts, can tell you what will work best. You need to test
  • Beware of ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) and ROT (Return on Time).

    More take aways to follow.

Presentation from day 2 – mini social media & email marketing masterclass

Michael Leander’s presentation on day 2 closed the successful IOETI conference with the mini social media & email marketing masterclass. 16 hours of content concocted into an 80 minute summary. 

Take aways from this presentation will follow soon.

see the pictures from the tourism conference here

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