Jodie Sangster is the CEO of ADMA – the Australian Association for Data Driven Marketing & Advertising. In this talk with Michael Leander she shares her insight about direct & digital marketing in Australia, USA and the UK. She also gives her views on the future of data driven marketing in India. 

The video interview took place at the DMAI 2014 in New Delhi and is provided with kind support from Strategic Marketing Services. The DMAI conference focused on data driven marketing and is organised  each year by the Data Driven Marketing Association India (learn more here)

Apart from heading up the ADMA, Jodie Sangster also currently chairs the Global DMA.

Here are a few highlights from the interview

Is data driven marketing the new direct marketing?

The ADMA used to be known as the direct marketing association of Australia. The name has changed to Association for Data Driven Marketing & Advertising. Check the beginning of the video to see learn why ADMA made the change.

What has changed in direct marketing in Australia?

Watch the video to see what Jodie Sangster says about the changes in the Australian market in the past five years. Use the comment field to share your views on how you see direct marketing and digital marketing evolving in Australia or elsewhere.

What are the main differences related to direct marketing and digital marketing between Australia, USA and United Kingdom

Is USA way ahead of the curve compared to Australia and the United Kingdom or is a smaller market such as Australia able to bring a lot of innovation to direct and digital marketing? Jodie Sangster has worked in all three countries and provides some valuable insight about the main differences between the three. See what she says in the video.

Permission a prerequisite for data driven marketing in any country?

Permission to communicate is still a big issue in many countries. India, for example, currently has no significant consumer protection in place. The result is an abundance of unsolicited emails, text messages and unsolicited communication. Check the video to learn what Jodie Sangster’s recommendations are.

Want to learn more about direct marketing, digital marketing and data driven marketing?

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jodie sangster

Jodie Sangster, CEO of ADMA talks data driven marketing. See video above.

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