lead acquisition funnel

Does your top of funnel look like this?

If I told you that you need to slim down the top of your lead acquisition funnel, would you believe me?

Let me try to explain what I mean;

Most businesses focus too much on the quantity of leads, rather than the quality of leads. It is human nature. We are programmed to think big numbers first, and then worry about the quality of the numbers later.

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But that is a big mistake. Here are some quick thoughts based on some of what I have learned through 20 years of practice;

The most successful marketing and sales people are using highly effective lead acquisition and conversion techniques. These businesses have a system in place. A system that enables them to focus on the leads that matter. And they focus on moving the leads forward towards the next step in the buying process.

There aren’t too many highly effective lead acquisition marketers, but I bet that all of them think about quality first.

There are 3 main reasons for that;

  1. When you focus on quantity you clutter your system with loads of irrelevant names. Many of which will never be qualified to buy from you. But they take away focus from those that can, and eventually will.
  2. Today lead nurturing and lead scoring is amazingly important. To do lead nurturing well, you need to be able to focus on the characteristics of leads whom are qualified to buy from you at some point. The more cluttered your lead generation system is, the harder it is to focus. Again quality over quantity.
  3. Middle of funnel is the game changer, not top of funnel. Try to visualize a funnel. And then divide it into three parts; top, middle and bottom. The top of the funnel is merely an entry point. The middle of the funnel is where your next opportunities comes from. Again you want to be sure you are working with a system, which allows you to focus on leads in the middle and bottom of the funnel.

Creating a winning formula for lead generation today requires (a lot) more work than just a few years ago. For many marketers that IS the problem. (by the way, you are welcome to get my newsletter here)

But the good news is that these effective lead generation and lead conversion techniques can be applied by you and by any business in any industry. It isn’t rocket science, but it does help to work from a plan and to use the right, structured approach to lead acquisition.

Listen to a talk about lead acquisition, conversion and sales/marketing management

In this Google Hangout below you can listen to Jacques de Villiers and myself talk about lead generation. Perhaps listening in might trigger a few ideas for you.

Lead generation and lead conversion talk with Jacques de Villiers from Google Hangout

Introduction to the video is here:
In this Google Plus Hangout, professional speaker Jacques de Villiers answers questions about lead generation and lead conversion. He is interviewed by Michael Leander.

In the video, you will hear Jacques de Villiers elaborate on;
> the problem in lead generation today
> the challenge facing the marketing and sales silo’s and how important it is to unsilo the efforts related to lead generation
> good advise on how to increase your lead generation and lead conversion effectiveness.

Residing in South Africa, Jacques de Villiers speaks about sales and sales management all over the world. You can learn more about him here. I f you want to learn more about Michael Leander you can do that here This video was done as a Google Plus Hangout session.

Whatever you do, do it well.

Best regards

Michael Leander
Award winning speaker & trainer

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