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The concept of loyalty as a marketing vehicle is changing in retail and other industries. Rajesh Garg, COO of Landmark Group, shares his views on loyalty and rewards programmes in a retail context. 

Shukran Rewards is the second largest loyalty program in the Middle East with over 12 million members. It is run by Landmark Group for brands such as Centrepoint, Max, Lifestyle, Fitness First, Beautybay and many others.

Rajesh Garg is the new COO of Landmark Group. In the video below he shares some of his expert views on loyalty rewards trends and how the concept of loyalty programs in retail might progress.

Main points about loyalty rewards trends

Rajesh Garg makes the following important points in the video above:
> retailers must focus on understanding their customers. In this respect retailers in the Middle East are trailing other markets
> find ways to co-create with your customers. Involve customers.
> Beware of zero moment of truth; today’s shoppers are very well informed even before they enter the store

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