Airport introduces loyalty marketing Are you one of those whom think that internet in airport should be free and easily accessible? I know I am – and for other reasons that you would think. Now finally an airport gets the offering right and ties it in with a loyalty programme.

As a frequent traveler I am quite keen on being able to access the internet from my computer in airports. But I am not very keen on paying for it. Not because I do not think it is fair to pay for a service, but because of the time involved in finding a supplier, checking the price/s, passing on credit card details over a dodgy and probably less secure line.

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If you have been following me on Twitter, for example, you know that I am a happy camper every time I arrive at an airport with free and fast internet. Copenhagen Airport is my home airport. Over the years I have paid a good deal of money for internet access at Copenhagen Airport and frankly speaking have not been very impressed by their offering. But now that has all changed. Read on to learn why

Copenhagen Airport introduces CPH Advantage
En route to Teheran in the beginning of January 2012 I noticed some pamphlets about CPH Advantage at the airport in Kastrup/Copenhagen. Curious as I am, I picked one up and discovered to my surprise that CPH Advantage is a new loyalty (Advantage) programme. When you join – which is free – you get free WiFi everywhere in Copenhagen Airport. Plus a number of other advantages, as described below.

Needless to say I joined, and while getting access the first time required me to use my mobile network to retrieve login details, the internet access I got seemed to be reasonably fast.

Another “loyalty” plastic card – but will it help?
To my surprise I received a letter from CPH Advantage including a plastic card (shown on top of this page) when I get back from Iran. The letter looked like this
Loyalty card and letter from airport loyalty marketing programme

Now that actually surprised me even more. The fact that I got a loyalty plastic card might help me remember my login details in the future. And serve as a reminder of the advantages offered to members such as

  • Free WiFi
  • Discounts and bonus points when shopping tax-free online
  • Discounted parking and points when reserving parking online
  • Special discounts when using the CPH lounge
  • Special offers from CPH Advantage partners

What’s more, the loyalty program consists of 3 membership levels; Basic, Plus and Advantage. So in that sense it works very much like an airline loyalty program.

What is the marketing learning here?
Copenhagen Airport have pulled a smart marketing move here. By requiring people to become a member of CPH Advantage they get some value from offering, for example, WiFi for free. A few more points here:

  • I don’t know if they send the plastic card to everyone or just people residing in specific demographics
  • With a strong partner strategy, CPH Advantage should be able to monetize even on those members whom infrequently or never visit CPH Airport.
  • If CPH Advantage are tracking frequency of WiFi usage, they acquire some seriously valuable data – remember the good ol’ RFM?
  • If CPH Advantage choose to profile members to the fullest extent – over time – they would build a highly valuable database, which in turn could be used to time & target offers and promotions.
  • It would be interesting to know what the thinking behind this initiative is – so I will try to get in touch with the marketing director responsible and get an interview. Get the newsletter here to stay tuned.